It’s all about animal protection and the entertaining ridiculousness and oddities of mankind :d

LametrieThe name is referring to Julien Offray de La Mettrie. He was philosopher and doctor and a pupil of Herman Boerhaave, the most advanced doctor at his time in the 18th century. And he wasn’t known to be the most diplomatic one, too.

La Mettrie had a long history offending people with his thoughts: first his doctor colleagues in Paris, he had to flee. The liberal Netherlands, then. There he published his book L’homme machine (“Machine Man” or “The Human Mechanism”) – some say it makes him a materialist, but you can read the book as the first wholistic theory on humans too! He had to flee again. Now he was guest at the court of Frederick the Great, but again, his thoughts got him into trouble (Discours sur le bonheur; 1748). Some say, he might have been helped a bit when he died aged 41 by devouring a large quantity of pâté de faisan aux truffes.

As a great fan of the philosopher, doctor and sensualist Julien Offray de La Mettrie I decided not to just sit at home and discuss those entertaining oddities and ridiculousness of mankind but to get it out somehow 😉 Let’s see how that turns out in the long run 😀


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