Playing Freedom

Ever had an Android Smartphone? You’re kidding, are you? Everyone has one! If not, you are a friend of fruits, Apples to be precise 😉

Ever tried to avoid logging into Google with your Smartphone? Yeah? Now things get a bit complicated, don’t they?

Right, you have other app stores than Google Play. But using them makes you at once a nerd. No chance to get your common bus ticket app anymore. No. They are on Google Play or AppStore.

So why do we feel so free? Why do we look down on the poor unfree people in for example Nord Korea?

Oh, they live in a dictatorship! Poor people. No freedom to choose as we do!

They have to install apps from their common Nord Korean Appstore.


We on the other side have the freedom to choose!

Between AppStore and Google Play!

That’s real freedom! We are no puppets of a dictator, no! We are free to choose not one but two! And not something from a dictatorship but from colorful companies that use us as raw material for the product they sell to advertisers!

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