Poverty prohibited

povpro2In the German town of Dortmund, you’ll have to be cautious now:

If you plan to spend the night outdoors, you’ll get a ticket! Everyone. Not just tourists 😉

Lairing and camping are prohibited and get you a fine of 23$. If you can’t pay, you’ll get an extra fine of 55$. If you even can’t pay that, you’ll get a warm place to stay overnight at the local police station 🙂

The local homeless have a bad time down there now. Nearly 300 have got the ticket but still no warm place to stay. The mayor claims, the complaints of residents in their warm flats has led to this action.

Now that’s understandable! The pretty sight is disturbed! So just prohibit poverty and get them a ticket! They are still better off than the beggars in the Middle Ages! They got their hands chopped of.

„Germany at its best.” ¹


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