Diligent Bees

Yes, even Germans can be funny! Plastik

Just today I read that an average German produces 507 pound of plastic waste every year. Wow, that’s 41.838.478.071 pound of plastic waste a year. I wonder if they have still a place to live over there 😉

But now the funny part starts:

Everyone from the press to the politicians and even the common folks on the street agree on one point:

The Germans produces plastic waste.

Do they? All sitting late after working hours bent over their little chemical laboratory in the bedroom and diligent as they are producing Polyamides, Polyethylene and Polyesther, breiding and tieing all those little polymers of ethylene with the various other components together to a new part of art?

You get what I saw? It is the latest example of Newspeak you have got here! And all agree! Creepy.

Reality has it that all those little polymers are produced in industrial sites for industrial food producers that want their food being able to be transported as long and as fresh as possible to sell more and more and override local producers.

They produce the plastic waste. The Germans eat what they get served!


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