Political Handbrake

polbrake01Humans are really lovable but they seem not to be able to comfort themselves. Always they have something to complain about. Is it not the weather, you bet it’s politics 🙂 Nothing better to kill any romantic attitude than that.

Instead of complaining they should do something. That restores romantic life and works out your aggression 😀

Why not found a party? One for complainers? There are about 1/3 of voters in western countries that choose not to vote. Why? Perhaps that are those complainers? Perhaps they feel that the politicians do not represent what they want? Or they feel that nothing is happening regardless what you vote for?

If you think that nothing is happening anyway perhaps you should find a party that collects all those voters that do not vote. And you promise them to do – nothing! Just be there. And give your voters, the ex-non-voters, weight. The other parties should get a hard time to collect a necessary majority for a vote if 1/3 of the house has planned to stop things.

That should give the non-voters a voice, break up business as usual, screw down those all too loud paid lobbyist voices a bit and connect nowadays professional politicians with the earth again. If no vote is possible anymore, they are forced to ask the people again.


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