Lingering impact


Thinking of the way humans treat animals I wish more and more that this has consequences to mankind. Real consequences. Now.

They are perhaps real and lingering in action today. Let’s dream a bit:

If you see how animals are slaughtered you can imagine the stress level those pitiful creatures experience. Stress has physical consequences in an organism. The result is in the meat we buy and eat.

Science has found out, that psychical diseases can have physical consequences. Trauma and Post traumatic stress diseases change your physics. And they even change your DNA. The slaughterhouse animals experience stress. They have perhaps not time enough to get a change in their physics or DNA. But think of the animals locked up in milking stanchions their whole life? How does that change them? How does that influence the milk we drink? Or the chicken locked up in their cages?

How have we been changed already by the rotten produced food we eat? How has our demand for plentiful cheap meals and our inhuman numbness against animals that only count as raw materials got us? Is the high stress level, the ridiculousness of mankind, their disability to make things right in our world a result of the consumption of the results of our mistreatment?

Do we eat our doom?

Regarding the environmental pollutions such as Chernobyl and others we do that already for years. Mad cow diseases can affect humans. How can we really expect that our treatment of animals remains without consequences for us?


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