Own a life

wasteDogNot the dog is the problem, it is the human!

And the problems begin already with the term “dog owner”. Does that not imply that it is your property? You own a life? Like a car?

Yes, perhaps you payed for your dog or other animal if you did not get it as a gift. Does that make it your property you can trash like an umbrella that you don’t like anymore? Trash a life?

No problem for many folks! An accident makes a dog no longer useful for hunting? Just kill them. You got too much puppies in your breed? Tie them to a tree and forget about them. Discover that you have a pet on your way to holidays? Dump your cat into the lake in her cage or forget your dog at the airport…

Check the web, you will find more stories. It seems so natural for many that animals not only have lesser right than humans but not event count as a life at all.

“How a nation treats their animals in general is the principle scale of their humanity value.” David Friedrich Strauß




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