Killing Stations (2)

totung2As everything today Killing Stations have become business and a good one it seems sometimes. The situation in those maintenance deopts is terrible. Humans get emotional touched and try to help. Others scent deals! They take money to treat the animals a bit better in the killing stations, give them (perhaps) a bit more food or some days longer to live. Or they replace those spare dogs in masses all over Europe just the way the customer wants to have the product. Some suspect even those stray dogs have been produced, including their traumas, diseases or disabilities. And that this is the reason that some of the replacing societies have no interest to better the situation in lands they take the stray dogs from. You won’t destroy your business.

Harsh accusations, yes. But you get frustrated when you just take a quick look into the Web on Killing Stations (Tötungsstationen) and animal protection issues. And you become desperate because you can do so little. There IS real animal protection but there is a lot of exploit of animals as well and it comes from humans pretending to help animals, too.

The politics have a hands-off approach. “The treatment of stray dogs in the EU is subject to regular correspondence of EU citizens but as previously stated, since the matter remains under the responsibility of the Member States, the Commission has no power to take particular action in this field.” The german constitution is supposed to contain animal welfare too. But the politics seem to have no interest in forming a real animal protection and welfare for example as you find it in Swizerland. Nothing. No need to take a dog license or register your pet and breed. No ban on painful ways to slaughter animals or acceptable conditions in livestock breeding. Politicians seem to follow Others, not those voters that burn for animal rights.

If you take a look at the amont of harm and sorrow, mankind inflicts on animals, without a thought, naturally and deliberately, one hopes that there is a kind of life after death. For animals too. Then, when all humans and all animals that ever have lived meet there, the humans are minority. And their victims are vast majority. Let’s see who’s is dispensable then.


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