Killing Stations

totung2They call themself boarding kennels, kennel, animal shelter. Sounds harmless and perhaps it is intended so. For the dogs and cats that are killed there it is bloody serious.

Therefor animal rights campaigners rather call them killing stations (“Tötungsstationen”). That describes it better. Because there is no animal welfare intended. Animals get gathered and killed there if they have no owner, the owner does not fetch them again after they ran away or they cannot be placed at another home. And it is the owner often who deliveres the animals, binds them at the fence or casts them into the “babyflap”.

Why? Perhaps the sweet puppy has become a demanding teen and the owner has not thought about going to a pet obedience school? Or the breeder has produced some waste that does not come out as intended? Or the demand is not as high as planned? Or the hunter doesn’t need his dog before the next hunting season and does not want to feed them until then? Easier and cheaper to deliver them into the killing station then.

The dogs and cats have about 2 days up to 4 weeks grace period. If they don’t have a new owner then, they get killed. If that is comparable to the way our pets usually are put down depends on several things. Money of course. In countries where kids are strarving you probably spend no money for anesthesia. So the animals just get their T61 and die with cramps and panic. There is no money for appropriate cages eather, the dogs sleep on concrete, get bad meals and no walks. Who bothers? That are no shelters but maintenance depots that deal with sanitation and not with living souls.

You got that all over the world, in France, Spain and Italy, on Malta, Lanzarote, in Romania, Hungary and Russia and much much more places. They are public institutions or private with public contract. They say, they do that because of sanitary reasons and fear of diseases transferred by stray dogs. And nobody wants their holliday pictures spoiled, right? Killing animals, is that the easiest way? Why takes mankind the right to throw away life they find dispensable? Why should animals have lesser rights than humans? Oh, I forgot: “…fill the earth and subdue it and rule over every creature…”


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