New Years wish

feuerwerk2I want to share a new years wish of a very good friend of mine:

“If I had a spare wish from a Genie I would ask her, that everything humans try to do to any animal is dropping back to themself, not lethal, but in a way that reminds them of what they where about to do.
So if anyone is shooting on an animal, the bullet turns back before it hits the animal and takes a bit of his face. Or if someone is about to inject some T61 (Embutramid) to kill the animal, she is piercing herself and the agent is causing recurrent seizures in the body for the rest of the life.
And only if they do it in a merciful, painless and dignified way and it is because they need some food in a reasonably amount, humans are able to kill an animal at all.”

Now that should change the world a bit, don’t you agree?


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